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I'm in menopause, It's Valentines Day

I'm a widow, I have a teenage daughter












Oh $#@!, It’s Valentine’s Day
Oh Valentine Day
Won’t you please go away.
I don’t intend to be mean.
Or cause a big scene.
It’s just the whole day
I really don’t get
Other women get presents
And I don’t get $#@!
I’m tired of tiny stuffed bears
Chocolate hearts, flowers and crap
I need a drink and my friends
Or at least a long nap
This mess all started in grade school
When I gave my first valentine away
The boy refused it in horror
And I turned three shades of grey
Now the whole universe
Seems to ooze pink and red
It takes over the world
It’s a day I just dread!
Who even decided February 14
Was the day to express love
I say we boycott this holiday
I shout – enough is enough!
So let me be the first to correct you
This is not really Valentine’s day
But a mere wish from me to you
Wishing you a very Happy Vodka Day
               THE END
Drink recipes included in Valentines Day book.
Oh $#@!, I Have a Teenage Daughter
I need a drink
Said the teenager’s  mother
Make it a stiff one
Not like any other
Can I sit down a bit
And tell you my story
It began so sweetly
In all of its glory
She was swaddled in pink
Her eyes sparkled so bright
Everything was perfect
I was going to get it right
And before I knew it
She had turned three
We played pattycake
As she sat on my knee
Then she turned 6 & then 7
Then 8 ,9, and 10
Oh this is fun I thought
Let’s do it again
But then something strange
Happened at Thirteen
She looked like my daughter
But there was something unseen
She was a teenager now
With her friends on the go
To hang out with her parents
Would be a devastating blow
The phone calls the text messages
Occured day and night
It was her way or nothing
She did everything right!
Mom can I get a tatoo?
“No you may not”
She’d sulk in her room
With all the gadgets we’d bought
She’d  want new makeup and clothes
To impress all those  boys
Then her friends would  come over
Can THEY make some noise
I miss those younger days
I miss them a lot
Teenagers are a blessing
 Whoever said that should be shot
I’m so glad that I have her
And I know I’ll survive
But I’m going to bed now
Please wake me….when she turns  25.


 Oh $#@!, I’m a Widow!

I’m a Widow

Yes it’s true

And I don’t know now

What to say or do.

We we’re a pair.

We liked to share

He’d kiss me goodnight

And all was alright

Now cooking for one

Is just no fun

But then friends stop by

Just to say hi

And I get by

For one more day

Go have fun in life

That’s what he’d say.

Sometimes I’m still sad,

Sometimes I cry

But then I see a twinkle,

In my grandkid’s eye

And then I know

He’s still around

He lives in my heart

Where he can always be found

Oh $#@!, I’m a Widow

And I had no choice

But I thank God

I have a voice

To speak and sing

And say with glee

That I love him

And he loved me

And it will stay that way

For all eternity.


Cheater, Cheater
A girlfriend’s guide of how to ditch a cheater.

Can I sit down a bit
And tell you my tale of woe
How I exactly got here
I don’t exactly know

He was smart and he was funny
So suave and debanoir
It all seemed just so perfect
I thought he really did care

There were  nice dinners and lots of roses
Fancy presents and dancing galore
And just when I thought it was over the top
Well, he’d suprise me with more

I started thinking to myself
Could this man be “the one?”
I know, you are thinking it too right?
But hold on, because I’m not done!

After we’d been together awhile
Well he started to act quite strange
He said he had to work late again
And his schedule would be re-arranged

And phone calls he was always getting
Right in the middle of the night
I was compassionate and concerned
“Darling, Is everything alright?”

Oh yes he’d say, my dear aunt is sick
But I’m sure that she’ll be fine
I didn’t know it at the time
But it turns out he was totatlly lying!

It turns out he was a player
A real live cheater, yes a cheater
I’d had otatlly been duped
By him and his naughty, roving peter.

I cried and well I got irate
Then screamed right in his face
How could you do this to me I said
Now just get right out of my space

And he did, he left me there alone
It was just me for a little while
Til he wormed his way back in my life
With that annoying little smile

And just when I thought that maybe
He could be my lover, my friend
Well do you know what that man did
Yes, he cheated on  me AGAIN!

So it took some guts and moxxy
But I finally did leave that cheater
I  certaintly didn’t need him
Or his naughty, roving peter.

So share this story with girlfrieds,
With sisters and mothers too
That leaving a cheating man
Is not an easy thing to do

It takes guts and it take courage
And certainly a lot of nerve
But girls its the only way
To find the love that you deserve

Now I am happily with
A man that’s all my own
He’s strong and he’s secure
He says there’s no need for him to roam.

And as for my ex, well I suspect
He’s still the same old cheater
He sits at home, all alone
Just him and his naughty little peter


Why Aren’t You Married Yet?

Why aren’t you married yet?
I wish people would just quit!
I do not need a ring,
For my heart to sing.

In matters of the heart,
It’s best just to be smart.
Iron, Laundry, Cook and Clean
These are all things people do with rings.

Singles travel here and there,
Fill their closets without a care.
They eat ice cream and talk on the phone,
And their paychecks are all their own.

Why aren’t you married yet.
Is a question I just don’t get.
But I don’t sweat or sway.
I just smile and say.

Yes I may be married

But it sure won’t be today!

Bad Bad Boss

Perhaps you know
A bad bad boss
He’s mean, she’s moody
They are cranky or cross.

They like to tell others
Just what they should do
They stand around with arms crossed
But don’t have a clue.

These bad bad bosses
They think they’re so great
But nobody else thinks so
They are far from first rate!

Some bad bad bosses
Stick their head in the sand
They pretend everythings perfect
They just don’t understand.

While other bad bossess
Well, they like to yell
They get red in the face
With the orders they tell.

Some bad bad bosses
Just widdle away their day
On the golf course, at the spa
You must work, while they play.

Still other bad bosses
Watch every move you make
They’d be a much better boss
If they’d just take a break!

Then there are other bad bosses
That just love to say no,
They stay up at night dreaming
Of how to make you feel low.

Who knows why they are like that
I really don’t have a hunch
Perhaps they forgot to take their meds
Or they’ve got their underwear in a bunch

So if you have a bad bad boss
What on earth should you do?
Well I had a bad boss once
Who lead me and a miserable crew

And one by one
We each hatched a plan,
To find a new boss
One that would completely understand.

We set out on our own,
Not really having a clue.
We didn’t know the How
The When, Where or Who.

But low and behold
We each got on track,
We left that bad bad boss
And we NEVER looked back.

Now my new boss I must say
Is something quite rare,
My new boss is fantastic,
And always treats me fair.

The door is always open
My boss is easy to see
I just go to the mirror
My new boss is me!

So whether you go work for yourself
Or find a new capable boss
Don’t put up with being treated
By someone who’s cross.

Life is a precious gift
Work doesn’t have to be a chore
When you leave a bad bad boss
You can create a life you adore.


Killer Heels
based on a true story

She was tall and she was lovely
And oh did she love shoes
There were slingbacks, boots and sandals
She really could not refuse

But in particular she loved
A tall red pump of choice
She passed them every day
And it always made her rejoice

So one day she stopped and said
It can’t hurt to try them on
And then the next thing that she knew
$400 from her bank account was gone

But it was fine, it really was
She had her killer pair of shoes
A Friday night date was set
Where they’d be making their debut

Well her date forgot to tell her
That they’d be walking over a mile
She wanted to throttle the man
As she walked graciously and smiled

Her feet they did look lovely
In those 4 inch killer heels
She was relieved when they finally sat down
To have conversation and a meal

After dinner it was more walking
These shoes were no longer her friend
She wondered will these be the death of me
Am I truly looking at the end

She started to fret and panic
The pain almost made her cry
She wanted a hot bath and her slippers
And to never again see this guy

And then safely she made it back home
And put her killer heels in a box
That’s where they live to this day
Under key and lock

It’s a sad tale but it is true
And one I felt I must share
So watch out for the killer heels
Gorgeous- but deadly to wear.


A Daughter Needs a Mother……..

A daughter needs a mother

So she has a hand to hold

A daughter needs a mother

So she can grow strong and bold

A daughter needs a mother

To share her deepest fears

A daughter needs a mother

That can wipe away her tears

A daughter needs a mother

So she has a closet to raid

A daughter needs a mother

Who doesn’t love a live-in maid?

A daughter needs a mother

To take along on shopping trips

A daughter needs a mother

To oversee colors, curls and clips

A daughter needs a mother

To teach her how to shop for shoes

A daughter needs a mother

To chase away those blues

A daughter needs a mother

It’s one of life’s greatest joys

A daughter needs a mother

To school her bout men and boys

A daughter needs a mother

In case she’s low on cash

A daughter needs a mother

Cause mom always has a secret stash.

A daughter needs a mother

Who can love her with all her heart

A daughter needs a mother

Who’s been there from the start

A daughter needs a mother

To teach her what foods to eat

Like cake and cookies and ice-cream

Because sharing can be so sweet.

A daughter needs a mother

To call her on the phone

A daughter needs a mother

To help her feel she’s not alone.

A daughter needs a mother

Who gives her sound advice

A daughter needs a mother

One that can be firm but nice

A daughter needs a mother

Even after they have a fight

A daughter needs a mother

To tell her things will work out right

A daughter needs a mother

One that she can call when she’s upset

A daughter needs a mother

To help her from doing things she’ll regret

A daughter needs a mother

To help her pick out a dress

A daughter needs a mother

So she can feel like a success

A daughter needs a mother

When she has children of her own

A daughter needs a mother

To help her when she’s grown.

A daughter needs a mother

To make her laugh out loud

A daughter needs a mother

So she can feel special in a crowd

A daughter needs a mother

To help her lose those last few pounds

A daughter needs a mother

To tell her she looks pretty thin or round

A daughter needs a mother

So she always has a shoulder to cry

A daughter needs a mother

One she can hug hello and bye

A daughter needs a mother

She can call on when she is ill

A daughter needs a mother

To soothe her when she chills

A daughter needs a mother

To show her what life’s about

A daughter needs a mother

To take away fear and doubt.

A daughter needs a mother

To live and laugh and play

A daughter needs a mother

Almost each and every day

A daughter needs a mother

So she can tell her “I love you.”

A daughter needs a mother

So she knows that she’s loved too.

A daughter needs a mother

I’ll say it again and again

That I’m so glad I have you

Daughter and Mother forever friends.

2012 Copyright Working Girls Designs, Inc

All books illustrated by Jodi Pedri & written by Tonja Steel

A Brother In Heaven

I have a brother in heaven,
It sometimes makes me cry.
To think I can’t be with him,
And that we had to say goodbye.

But then sometimes I think,
I bet he looks good with wings.
He probably enjoys the view from above,
Watching over his sister and all her things.

I bet he brings laughter in heaven,
And makes the sun shine bright.
He always knew just what to say
To make me feel alright.

Growing up I didn’t always appreciate,
All the tricks that he would play.
But oh how time does pass,
I cherish those memories today.

For years we lived under the same roof,
And he knew my deepest fears.
We shared many laughs together,
He was my biggest fan all through the years.

I have a brother in heaven,
And sometimes I feel alone.
I would have loved to have kept him here,
But on to greener pastures he had to roam.

And now that he’s in heaven,
I know what he’d want today.
To have me find joy in life again,
To live, and laugh and play.

So in honor of you dear brother,
I will lift up my head and go on.
I loved you more than life itself,
In my heart you’ll never be gone.

I have a brother in heaven,
And the love we shared will not end.
How blessed am I to have known,
My brother, my hero, my friend.


Girls Weekend in Vegas 

Jobs, housework and bosses,
Bills and an ex
Was getting on our last nerve
So we coordinated our text’s
We hatched a plan
A girls weekend it would be
But where to end up
We finally would agree
It was the city of light
Clubs, gambling, spas and more
Girls weekend in Vegas
And shopping galore.
We learned to speak Italian
Like Gucci, Dolce and Gabana
Dropped the bags will the bellman
Then retired to our pool cabana
Can I get you a drink
Why yes you may
We could get used to this
Just about everyday
And even lady luck
She was on our side
At the roulette and craps table
We just let it ride
Then on to the poker table
I guess it was just our day
We took all the chips
Taught those boys how to play
Cashed out with a stash
And what did we do
Headed to the spa
For facials and wraps too
Then on to a show
Dressed in pink, black and red
We clean up pretty good
We can still turn some heads
We ate, we drank
We talked about life
About careers and children
And husbands and wives
And through it all
One thing constant stays true
That girlfriends are amazing
They always come through
We relaxed, we renewed
Said we must do this again
For there’s nothing quite like Vegas
And a Girl’s getaway weekend


The Gift of the Orange
As I boarded the bus to town
At the age of only 10,
Mother had finally agreed
I could go visit my cross-town friend.
I looked around and took a seat
Next to a kindly, older man,
He had hair as white as snow
With large and weathered hands.
He handed me an orange
Said boy what do you see?
I said “I see an orange sir
At least that’s what it looks like to me.”
Let me tell you a story
About an orange just like this,
It happened many years ago
When I made a special wish.
Have you ever heard of Auschwitz?
Did they teach it to you in school?
I nodded yes to his question,
I knew it was a part of history quite  dark & cruel.
And did you see some of the pictures?
The photographs in black and white?
Could you tell the days were fearful?
Could you sense the desperation of night?
I answered the man that I had seen,
Pictures of the war in white and black.
We studied the history of the halocaust
I was required to recall dates and facts.
Well I was there young lad
And EVERYTHING was black and white.
The guards boots were black, our faces ashen white
And not a color could be seen in site.
Do you see these markings on my wrist,
They are faded to navy blue.
But years ago they were burned there
In coal black, it’s sad but true.
We were at war, prisoners there
And hatred reigned supreme.
I longed to go back to my family, my home
But it was just a faraway dream.
Then one day I wondered near the fence,
Where I saw an empty wood crate.
I turned it over to find a miracle,
It was a decision that would change my fate.
Although I risked my life to grab it,
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I found an orange, just like this
I took it and I hid it away.
And for a few days when I was alone
I’d think about what that orange meant to me.
It was the most remarkable gift
For I knew I would one day be free.
So I vowed to keep that orange safe
For as long as I possibly could.
I wouldn’t eat its contents just yet
Even though I knew I probably should!
Well in Auschwitz one doesn’t have to wait long
For a day that is particularly bad.
It was just a few days since I found that orange
Something happened to make me quite sad.
We were forced by the guards to line up
One line went left and the other went right.
Go right, you showered and never returned
Go left and you lived another night.
Well we lined up that fateful day
And I stood beside my friend.
The guard motioned us in opposite directions
He was gone, I never saw him again.
So that evening I took out that orange,
Passed it around in our small group.
And I said we must celebrate life
And the miracle of this tiny fruit.
We peeled the orange and each got one slice
Our eyes filled with tears as we ate.
And never before and never since
Has any substance ever tasted so great.
The white winter snow it melted and brought
A spring that was full of green.
The war was over and we were free
The nightmare ended, we could finally dream.
But I never forgot about that orange
How it gave us all joy and hope!
The smallest gift from above
Was all we needed to have history rewrote.
So I want you to take this orange home
And share it with your family tonight.
Remember to give each person a slice
I want you to enjoy every bite.
And remember to share my story son
Tell everyone you know and meet.
About the gift of the orange
And to celebrate life, cause it’s meant to be sweet.
Gift of the Orange was written for the remarkable Kurt & Ruth Sax who inspired this story.



Funny Money
Money Money Your so Funny
You make me worry
You make me stress
I had lots of you
Now there’s a lot less!
Where did you go
I do not know
I’d like to have you back
I’d like to get on track
Oh funny money
Don’t go away
Let’s work this out
So we can play
 Remember the good ol days
We bought purses and shoes
We worked together
And gave to charity too
But then I sent you to the broker
I know you didn’t want to go
Now my hard earned money
Is someone elses to blow!
So Funny Money
I think it’s time we re-meet
I’m going to keep you safe
And off of wall street.
You are flowing back to me
To have and to hold
We are going to live without fear
We’ll be brave we’ll be bold!

I’ll take care of you funny money
We’ll never part again
I know your on your way
Safe travels my friend.

I love you Funny Money
And I love me too
But It’s time to pay those bills now
So come on over, and bring your friend cash too!

Funny Money was written during a slump when cash
was short and months were long. But now long after the book was born,
money did start flowing in and it’s never stopped. So start your own
love affair with funny money. And don’t be surprised when more of it
shows up for you too!


Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree

A young mother sits in silence
She rocks and wipes her eye
As she holds a baby’s pink blanket
Why did this child have to die?
And just then an angel appears
But it’s one she can not see
They have a message for this mother
A message that could set her free

The angel whispers
In her ear
But she’s just so sad
And she can not hear

Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree
When You See It Remember ME

And across town a man is sitting
In his favorite resting chair
He used to love this time of year
But he no longer seems to care

His only teenage son
He was always the one
To bring a twinkle to his father’s eye
But it was a fateful night
A car crash site
Now he hold his son’s blue jersey and cries

The angel speaks
In his ear
But he just feels numb
He can not hear

Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree
When You See It Remember ME

Cooking fills the air
In a woman’s kitchen across town
She knows she should feel grateful
But is feeling a little down

For many years her husband would make
Her Christmas wishes come true
But he’s in heaven now
And she’s at a loss for what to do

He whispers oh so gently
And she feels a kiss upon her tears
She’s already decided they’ll be no tree
No need to decorate it white this year

The angel sings
In her ear
And she starts to feel something
But she can’t quite hear

Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree
When You See It Remember ME

Then each inside their home
Hear the bells that begin to ring
A lighted Christmas parade’s in town
And they each hear the carolers sing

And then one by one they go outside
Drawn to the bells and sounds of joy
They each are in search of a sign
From their baby, their husband and their boy

The young mother, the wife and the father
They can’t believe their eyes
There in the center of town
Is a Christmas tree surprise

The tree goes from dark and lifeless
To the brightest colors of night
Three large stars on the Christmas Tree
One Pink, One Blue and One White

Three angels made a miracle happen
Brought them together and brought them out
And if they ever wondered if love lived on
Well now they have no doubt

The angels drum
In their ear
And they all feel something
And listen to hear

Christmas Tree, Christmas Tree
When You See It Remember Me

In memory of baby Miranda, son Blake and husband Dwight


The Wedding Cake
I was only seven
When I got the chance
To go my first wedding
Reception and dance
My dress  it swirled
My hair it was curled
Love was in the air
It was a lavish affair
I was out on the dance floor
In fun and in play
Then the music stopped
And my breath was taken away
It was a seven tiered cake
Done up in cream and baby blue
With working fountains and  punch
And little people perched on it too
It was a site to behold
It was grand it was great
Then we all gathered around
And we each got a plate

And I vowed right then
I had a mission to make
To travel the world
In pursuit of the cake

Several years later……..

It was a late night flight
He had planned it out just right
He arrived with cake in hand
It was my boyfriend, my man

But this was no ordinary cake
No it was not
There was a not only a cake
But an engagement ring on top!

So now it’s offical
I’m engaged and in love
I need a dress and some flowers
But that’s not nearly enough

It is the cake that will be perfect
We’ll design it just right
And the only real dilema we have
Is who’ll get the first bite?

We found love, we found each other
And we’ll soon say I do
And the sweetest cake of all
Will be the cake, shared by two.

Copyright 2013 Working Girls Design, Inc
All books are Written by Tonja Steel & llustrated by Jodi Pedri